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Donator Stuff

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Donator Stuff

Post by Purity on Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:35 am

Some Questions n Queries//

Green = done

1.does the donator monsters drop anything or could you add?
2. ty for adding the gs's back to brian but ive noticed you can sell gs's to the general store i.e varrock for a easy 240m and i dont think gs's should be able to be sold in a store unless in the donator island brian as getting gs's are quite easy now & also does all 4 gs's still a drop from the bandos boss? i only got a anchor and a couple of Sgs.

3. the skilling area on the donator island isnt up to scratch. personally its easier to get skills up in the non donator map.. maybe adding a donator dungeon or monsters with better drops and improving the skilling area such as:
adding fishing area/stove.. adding all the ores and trees to the donator map and also adding all the rune alters.. alot are missing and i was wondering maybe adding a funner minigame to the donator island.
4. Nice Shopping Area now but one of the shops has got useless costumes which the last time i checked can be bought at ::home
5. Can you sort out the slayer monsters please? im ment to kill giant rats atm and ive searched everwhere for them so could you add to the slayer tower because i would like to get the slayer skillcape.
6. could you add the dfs back to brian... its a bit cheeky putting it in the pk store and BTW <3 the fact you put dragon claws in it...
7. The only major way to get rich quick (the last time i checked) was gs farming.. maybe adding a new high demand item or even changing the barrow minigame alittle bit so its harder for barrow drops or not so easy xD
8. I know youve added a pk store for the donator island but there isnt alot of motivation for the non donators for pvp action so i was wondering if another (slightly less rewarding) pk award npc was added for normal players. maybe dragon boots or barrow sets would be efficient.
9.I love the server and i see we got some new players Very Happy weldone lord!.

Sorry if its alot (at the time i was typing this it was 5.35am and very tired + grumpy due to lack of sleep latley so sorry for any typos.)

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Re: Donator Stuff

Post by Lord on Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:48 am

all valid points i will get round to them today as im off school

Edit: for the gs being able to be sold at general store i can either make them unsellable or put the price way down to like 50mill
ive set it so it cant be sold

edit: wat do u want instead of the costume shop, like wat items u want in there

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